Age Verification

It is an offence for any company that sells E-liquid online without verifying your age. 

The law also applies to all vape related items such as E-liquid, Vaping Devices (Disposable and Non-Disposable) and Nicotine shots.

In order for Elux UK to be compliant we now verify your age at the time of Check out using 1Account Age verification.

What is 1 account?

1Account is a online Age Verification company that verifies you as a person using either your mobile number, Address, Passport or Drivers License. 

Once you’ve registered you will not ever need to verify your age again. Best of all its free and 1Account will also create you a free digital ID which you can use anywhere, by installing the app in your phone.

Unable to Verify?

If you’ve not been able to verify yourself at the time of checking out, don’t worry we’ve got ya!

Fill out the form below and upload your ID by taking a picture, once received we will process your order immediately.

please remember any ID’s sent on the weekend will not be checked until Monday morning.